♫♪  Bonus Fruit - SPIRITWALKER웃

Where others think a metaphysics can be ascertained, there’s only a fart, trailing off in the wind.

Case in point: the hardest boss in Super Smash Bros, Master Hand, fights you on the least complicated terrain: just a flat surface, traveling, it seems, faster than the speed of light.

Case in point: SPIRITWALKER웃 by Bonus Fruit.

This music comes off in a trashy, noisome, neon way, either Florida or California, or either Mars or Pluto. It could be palm trees. It could be a basement with blankets covering the windows. It could be ancient rivers with bacteria in them or a lovable, brownish, cold ball, 300 million times bigger than the average size of a human testicle.

Bonus Fruit’s got the whole world laughing, because as a musician, there’s nothing more fun than constructing an album of fragments that show the ambiguity of musical genre. Where people think embodiment occurs, there’s none. Styles upon styles upon styles upon s.t.y.l.e.s. Here’s a producer telling us that making music, should be, more than anything else, a game.

It is. But y’all are so serious over there. The DAW, like a light-saber, does more than half the work nowadays, anyways.

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