♫♪  Boy Band - You’re Beautiful

“Sloppy, sloopy, gloppy, gloopy,
Happy-happy, hoopy-hoopy”

Boy Band mashes buttons on the remote at random, bouncing between channels and — somehow — time slots, punctuating the blips of static between each switch with slippered bedroom pop jingles. These peals of white noise are classroom corkboards, pushing their way through dimensional borders to transmit the faint outlines of handprint turkeys and construction paper bumblebees.

“yr a strawberry milkshake sunday,
yr the reason why everything is okay”

Quantum leap: safety scissors trim acoustic guitars into trembling snowflakes, twisting back and forth while suspended by string. Sleeves collect sneezes as the radiator hums contours of Midwestern emo tunes. I try to count the ceiling tiles after pressing knuckles into my eyelids.

Amoebic worms traverse my field of vision. Do you copy?

acid melts like snowflakes
chocolate cheesecake makes yr stomach ache

Catching a gnarly telecommunication wave You’re Beautiful carves its way through a cover of the “Crazy Bus” song peppered throughout PBS Kids’ Arthur, an imagined funerary service for Home Movies’ Coach McGuirk, and an anthemic post-rock reflection on pills, wiping out on the shores of its own feedback.

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