♫♪  Broderick Batts - “Hit It & Quit It”

Broderick Batts has found quite the balance between bass-driven, trap stylings and the carefree, sing-song flow of artists á la Chance The Rapper throughout 2016. On his new Tommy Trillfigga-produced joint, the latter vibes are manifested into a tropical-tinged celebration of promiscuity whose hook finds Batts crooning, “can’t fall in l-o-o-ove with no hoe,” with a seriously melodic gleam. His verses continue to provide light-hearted lyricism aplenty as he references a partner who’s “promiscuous like Nelly Furtado” while Swaghollywood spits “Serena with the racks, she in love, and love Swag” to match the track’s all-encompassing, playful energy.

While Batts has noted “Hit It & Quit It” isn’t representative of his forthcoming project’s intimate material, it manages to raise expectations yet again for the rising Tampa artist’s work.

Join us in streaming “Hit It & Quit It” below.

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