♫♪  Broken English Club - White Rats II

Follow up release to White Rats, Broken English Club’s White Rats II gets right back into the dark, techno-punk grit that 2018 left us voiding. It’s a L.I.E.S. Records release, but could easily sit at home on labels like Arts+Crafts, Hospital Productions, and Not Not Fun, emphasizing heavy synthetic, nocturnal annunciations, geared toward receiving lunar energy, as if upon hitting the stroke of midnight is like throwing back a 5-Hour Energy drink. Don’t get it confused, though, White Rats II goes through waves, as it’s not all straight techno-nerd as one could expect. The transitions change tempos gradually, and builds a storyline — in a way — progressing and building emotions with and for listeners. Sink your teeth into Broken English Club’s White Rats II streaming below, and find the LP on L.I.E.S. Records ASAP:

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