Major pump on this here track “Quality” by deep tin/copper-copper/zinc jammer-trio Bronze. As a follow up to their 2011 Rvng Intl. LP Copper, Bronze releases their newest LP World Arena on Not Not Fun Feb. 25; album release party is being thrown in joint celebration of the label’s 10-year anniversary. And you know, what an AWESOME way to celebrate than releasing a single like “Quality” that sounds like the perfect dance and psyche combination the label has been releasing throughout their current existence. Like, literally, “Quality” brings that [double-negative style of] humor that pertains to taste and impeccable choice on the curators’ end. But it’s also neat to hear how Bronze was a shoe-in for the linage of Not Not Fun releases. “Quality” mashes fried vocal echo sizzle with the bounce of star-gazing/foot-sliding rythm paired to the pureness of lax melody drowned in beading sweat that lingers the background. Stream it below and get some fucking work done already:

• Bronze:
• Not Not Fun:

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