♫♪  Bugseed - Some Foods

If you’ve been sharpening your pencils and/or filling your mechanical pencils with that fucking lead that always breaks (a.k.a. getting ready to go to school today) just hold your horses and think again; it’s Spring Break (Tapes!) time, ya dum-dum. You’ve got a whole upcoming week of phat drums and savy samples awaiting you via Bugseed’s brand new cassette, Some Foods.

Now, don’t go committing any misdemeanors in anticipation of your copy of Some Foods to show up, like harassing the mail carrier with verbal threats and implied harm. Just listen to the stream of “Flowing” below and sit on your hands and waste the rest of your spring break waiting around for the tape to arrive.

• Bugseed: https://soundcloud.com/bug-seed
• Spring Break Tapes!: http://www.springbreaktapes.com

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