♫♪  BUN / Delofi - Colors Tape / Winter Tape

Not long ago, as Dirty Tapes first started making a name for themselves through pop-up posts and embeds across the [semi-]permanent threads of the internet, the label boasted an enormous list of upcoming releases — something like 20-tapes deep. It felt like a real statement. “Dirty Tapes: get ready.” Well, that list disappeared into the data stream somewhere, and the current list is much more representative of the releases actually available to us, as the label currently stands. Of that initial list , this long-awaited BUN / Delofi split is finally seeing its physical release. Its mid-range beat highlights are perfectly and barely audible through the piles of tape hiss and vinyl crackle. “Dirty” Tapes is right!

Listen to a couple of the tracks below and buy the full tape over at the label’s website.

• Dirty Tapes: http://dirtytapes.bandcamp.com
• Delofi: http://soundcloud.com/delofi
• BUN: http://buntamura.bandcamp.com

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