♫♪  Bunnybrains - “If Mountain Was A Man”

A run-through at the practice space fades out, as “If Mountain Was A Man,” not “John Henry,” is counted-off. The room rock instruments, used oft in Bunnybrains’ legendary blissful quirks, vanish in the fade out of the count-off, replaced with dongles of ornamental dance throbs.

At its heart, Dan Bunny’s vocals hold the definition and the handle, with intuition, breathiness, and expression. His hands are on the wheel of cracked rubber, steering the ship, knuckle-dry. The dewdrops on the dance throbs pass by, less formal than the vocalist, who stays on board to share innermost layers - to show us under the hood - to stick us inside the fuel line with bunker buster pounds of pressure pushed through the quiet engine, whirring with magic.

• The Bunnybrains: http://www.thebunnybrains.com

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