[Select: Pretzels ~ D3]

“Aye. Got two on that drop.”

[Open Bandcamp.com —> Search: Konbini by Bison —>Select: top result —> Select track: “Customer Service Interlude”]

“Mhmm. Myeong-dong. is looking extra nice tonight. Street sweepers deserve a raise.”

[New Text Message from Andie: “Where u at? Thought u said u were just getting us snacks? Game starts in 10 hurry back.]

“Hmph. It’s only been twelve minutes. What’s she talking about?”

[New Text Message to Andie: “OMW. Gotchu prtzls, hope that’s cool.”

[New Text Message from Andie: Ye. Thanks, man.”

Stream Konbini below and head over to Illuminated Paths’ Bandcamp to grab the cassette version.

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