♫♪  cakedog - “CLIMB ON TOP”

It’s time to get fucked on some more of that cakedog smooth-work. And “CLIMB ON TOP” ain’t your papi’s footwork, either. cakedog negates all the raw-sound of typical footwork in “CLIMB ON TOP,” and more-so draws influence from a much more subtly keyed hip-hop beat track. Like the instrumental for “C.R.E.A.M.” remixed by Radiohead, then turn’t around into an intensely muted Lord SMS footwork track. Okay, maybe not all that, but off the cuff, it’s easy to locate cakedog’s direction with the project, and it’s purely realmed within the intent to just make music. Not FOR anyone — maybe in-memory-of — but to benefit the culture of self-development. Not giving a shit in caring if anyone notices, just tracking artistic progression. You should participate by just listening to “CLIMB ON TOP” below and feel the slight shift in tonality with cakedog:

• cakedog: http://www.dogtropic.net

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