Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 [mixtape]

1. Cameron Giles a.k.a. Cam’ron a.k.a. Killa Cam a.k.a. Flea a.k.a The Rap-Game Larry David is back again. Seriously though, somebody get this man an HBO sitcom stat.

2. That cover art is career-defining.

3. Killa is the only artist in the world, other than Timmy of Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld, who can put out multiple great songs in which the chorus and/or beat consist(s) almost entirely of his name. He’s at it again with “Me Killa.”

4. Cam also got a couple producer credits on here with “My Life” and “Come And Talk To Me.” They’re basic loops, but definite highlights nonetheless.

5. Plenty of peons think Mr. Giles fell off with Killa Season and Crime Pays; I don’t, but after one listen, I’m already willing to concede this is probably better than those on the whole.

• Cam’ron:

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