♫♪  Candace - “Towers”

In an attempt to work more on my health, I gave up drinking. After a few starts and stops, I’ve finally decided on that Moby-esque life of sobriety. Is that a stupid way to open a music blog post? It most certainly is. The point is that not drinking enables me to safely ride my bike home after a night out. There’s something wholly satisfying about riding city streets at night, passing by the party bars, and being 100% clear headed. This new track by Portland’s Candace, “Towers,” is perfect for night rides, as it continues the trio’s upward trend with a five minute slice of hazy, distorted guitars and crashing drums (PSA: be safe riding with headphones, folks!). “Towers” is included on an upcoming compilation cassette from IS/WAS, and it’s ultra **limited** so cop a pre-order while you can. Until the release, brew up some herbal tea (or pour out some premium mineral water) around 2AM, throw the headphones on, turn the volume up real loud, and blast “Towers.”

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