♫♪  The Casual Sexists - “You Can’t Make Me”

I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking: why aren’t The Casual Sexists releasing their EPs on DFA? I mean, look, this darkwave/disco-punk would fit right next to Shit Robot and The Juan McLean on that roster. They’ve got the swagger, the groove, the energy. What’s the deal, Murphy? Let’s hear an excuse.

“You Can’t Make Me” is the latest offering poised to launch the duo to fame and glory, a prickly club banger cloaked in shadowy attitude. Varrick sits in a darkened room while husband Ed and an Ed lookalike try to get her to do … well, anything except just sit there and sing with a terminally disinterested look on her face. But no, “You can’t make me,” she says, over and over, and she’s right — they can’t make her. Not even Ed’s fabulous horn samples jutting into the song can break through Varrick’s stony façade.

Not even a live tiger, by the end of it.

Live tiger?

Made you watch.

“You Can’t Make Me” is the lead track from The Casual Sexists’ new cassette/CD EP of the same name, a homemade delight (which you should expect by now) “individually crafted … using spray paint, Velcro, and a soldering iron.” Buy one!

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