♫♪  Celibate Devil - Don’t Touch Me Where the Love Is

Shake down shoot out knock down drag out, 1979 or earlier. Our narrator sounds like the nephew of Dirty Harry. He wandered through town ‘til he came to an opening between two buildings, almost like an alley, but much shorter, and most definitely a dead end is the set-up. It’s all the set-up needed for this lean cut of budget crime music, with equal parts action and relaxation.

Monday through Friday he’s jersey and sweatpants, but come Sunday, he’s gone fishin’, leisure time in the Holodeck: kicking brick walls, jumping off the fire escape, landing oxfords on sewer grates, chasing himself into junk mirrors because there’s nobody else to chase.

He carries the gun just for fun. Steam from the sewer melts the kinetic off the plastic speakers rigged into an old pinball machine. Put that in your pinball and smoke it.

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