Cellophane Spill
“Episode 3”

More and more, people are using that nearly undefinable term “noise” to describe things that don’t really fall into other categories or maybe to combine way too many categories into one. I think “Noises” is a more fitting genre name for Austin’s Cellophane Spill. What starts as a tribal drum machine loop quickly begins to receive otherworldly radio signals, like alien voices ringing out from the metal fillings in your teeth. The use of episode and season numbers to name the tracks and albums further distances the band’s music from… well, music, like “tune in at the same time next week, and tune out to episode 4!”

The entirety of Cellophane Spill’s “Season 2” is out now on Night People, so you don’t have to get on any waiting list at your local video store to check it out.

• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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