♫♪  Cemetary - Denial

What’s easier than holing up under three or four thin sheets with the door closed in an attempt to forget about the several mistakes that got you to that point or the recent death of a loved one you never seemed to make time to call or the ever-increasing condiment-to-real-food ratio in the fridge or the amount of money you’ve spent buying vegetables and fruits before waiting a month to throw them out or the diploma gaining some sick dust on a bookshelf somewhere in your parent’s house or how you’ve lied to a bunch of people in your life about the fact you could kickflip in eighth grade? Why, listening to Cemetery’s DENIAL is pretty easy. A small chip of a Dark Rift-era Pictureplane block, DENIAL is uplifting even within its cavernous sound. However ominous and spacious Cemetery gets, the project’s debut loops in the 2010 lo-fi house to a T.

CONDOMINIMUM is selling tapes of DENIAL, but only in Japan. Otherwise you can lock the digital up for ~$9 on Cemetery’s Bandcamp.

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