♫♪  CH Rom - The Monster Part One

What asshole said laughter is the death of feelings? Laughter is definitely feelings. I won’t think too long on why this or anything makes me laugh. Laughter is beyond thought, maybe. The problem with satire, you know, is that it’s more winkingly apparent. It boils the juice; stirs the pot. Blue is red instead of blue is blue. Hi-Def highlights the theater of video and therefore breaks the fantasy, likewise satire - wink wink nudge - points an ACME sign at the source material and breaks (almost spoils, always extends) the punchline. The listener has to work a little harder to feel the joke. But…I’m thinking too long on it. Going to go ahead and tune out the message, bend them neurons and get on with a good laugh; going to push it from the brain down to the belly.

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