♫♪  Chicaloyoh - “Gloves And Tie”

The promise of something different and new. Commitment to change about being something more than just yourself. What the wedding couple says in front of an officiator, in front of an altar. It’s sacred beyond deity. And only mouth movements to those in attendance. The intimacy is so delicate to the audience, but heavy in who can hear it; words in form of which they never waste a breath beyond that altar. The officiator becomes red in the face while talking, and it’s either from the couple’s verbal content or not breathing during scripture. Stained glass sunshine reflects upon the bride. The groom whispers through a smile. Still red, the officiator, behind spectacles, peers at the bride’s dress and notices the pink upon her breast, and he reddens a bit more. Tying in knots seems that of the most stable order, but frayed bindings can prove either a stronger bond or looser escape. To “Gloves And Tie.” Clean and bound.

Out this week on Sheltered Press, Chicaloyoh debuts her first album Folie Sacrée on 180 gram black vinyl, limited to 500 copies and mastered by James Plotkin. Just not in the mood for anything else today, and Alice Dourlen is good lingering music for that feel.

• Chicaloyoh: http://chicaloyoh.bandcamp.com
• Shelter Press: http://shelter-press.com

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