♫♪  chik white - soft shapes

Jaw harp as industrial size squeeze bottle assembly line at prep cook station: we’ve got your gray sauce, your pink sauce, your green sauce, your orange sauce, your mayonnaise, your ketchup, your mustard, your relish, your onions, your lettuce, your tomato, your peppers, your pickles, your meat and potatos. That’s quite an order. And that’s quite the assembly line.

How’d you get those onions up in that squeeze bottle? Do you have any ink in any of them bottles? I’d like to translate these salivary sounds you’re squeezing out. I’d like to translate them right into a sandwich. Right into between two pieces of bread. Oh, I forgot, I’d also like that spicy kind of sauce over there. That glowing red one, the one that’ll burn a hole clean through a loaf of bread, the one that’ll brand cattles and wreck foundations.

And cilantro too. The four-leaf kind…

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