♫♪  Chocofriendz - Airplane

“twisted like hot pretzels dipped in cheese”

Chocofriendz has returned, and with their new album — Airplane — comes the eerie atmosphere of a Catholic church’s festival reappearing in the same parking lot it’s taken place in every autumn. The brave little cowlicks of grass that pushed through the cracks in the blacktop wilt beneath the rolling wheels of the popcorn machine; the spiraling, invisible trails left by junior high-school couples spending their parents’ money; and the omnipresent whiff of fried funnel cake.

Choco attends, flanked by their ragtag army of delinquent youths, surveying the fairgrounds as the muggy afternoon gives way to a crisp nighttime. They’re looking for pockets to pick and trashcans to tip.

Drippy Casio chords melt like cheddar in a plastic cup, oozing into the next song. The rainbow lights on the tilt-a-whirl glow and spin. Chiptune synths snarl against a skittering trap beat, cushioned by whispered hits of electric piano. And Choco tells us meet me by the Roll-O-Plane; we’ll synchronize our watches.

And though you walk alone, your faith in love is still devout.

“the rowdy boys are at it again tonight
in the car with baseball bats
they’re a gang of varmints
white stripes down their backs
and quincy loves randy
and randy blows big bubblegum bubbles
around quincy’s head”

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