♫♪  Chris Forsyth - “East Kensington Run Down”

Nothing is uniquely “American” anymore, is it? You know why? America sucks. Traditionally, American music, at its core, does not suck. We know this. Chris Forsyth knows this. But Americana as an essential essence is just not as essentially essential of a thing in 2012 as perhaps it once was, and I think Forsyth is probably hip to this notion as well. So, here with “East Kensington Run Down” he sneaks in some real Eastern hypno-raga drone stylings into this linearly moving piece of music, touching simultaneously on folk and psychedelic spirituality, mixing the two into a nice blend that’s a thing of calming comfort to sink into. Check the rhythm here especially: softly motorik in pulse with nary a falter, a toe-tapper to which you can truly set your watch. And that guitar tone — nice and deep and just lovely, isn’t it?

Forsyth has a new album forthcoming on Northern Spy. Be on the lookout for Kenzo Deluxe this July.

• Chirs Forsyth: http://www.thechrisforsyth.com
• Northern Spy Records: http://northern-spy.com

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