♫♪  Chunyin - “阿迪 Adidos”

New thing out soon on DECISIONS, Air Max ‘97’s Australia-based label that’s been propelling the club into unexplored dimensions since 2015. Here are two tracks pulled from Syndey-based singer/producer Chunyin’s upcoming 偽承諾 Pseudo Promitto EP, dropping April 13th.

The EP, according to the PR release, “poses an equivalence between the disintegration of semantics in techno (losing yourself in the music) and globalisation (losing yourself in late capitalism).” At the very least, the EP is a sound-oriented reflection of these forces, whether you think about that or not as you listen to it (I hope you do!).

Reading over Chunyin’s Truants interview (a read worth your time if you’re *interested* in this sort of stuff), I’m thinking about different ways in which club music can be used by academics to explore ideas: “I wanted to see how music is informed by culture and language and interactions and what-have-you. I felt like academia was a way to open up that aspect of my thinking,” she explains. I think more conceptual (dare I say….academic?) approaches to DJing/production has grown tenfold since Chunyin said this in 2016, which seems appropriate considering the Hypernormalisation-esque forces taking hold of the globe. That said, I hope this single finds you in a mindset prepared for some sociocultural meditations.

Stream “阿迪 Adidos” and “想起 Look Back On This” below—preorder here.

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