♫♪  Chynna - “Wax”

Some useless information for y’all: Chynna is a 20-year old rapper from Philly, famed for last year’s breakout hit “Glen Coco”. Now, discard everything I’ve just said, and dedicate a minute and a half of your day to “Wax”, because that’s all that really matters here. Chynna goes hard as hell over a minimal Langsta Lang production, firin’ out warning shots to childish bitches and freaks alike with nary a wasted breath. Crucial to the track is the central mantra of “Never too fashion - I’ll whoop yo ass”; like, this shit is practically begging for internet infamy, or at the very least a cult following within the nether regions of SoundCloud. As one comment goes, Chynna “should have been blown up” by now, and perhaps come Spring/Summer 2015 and the release of her new mixtape, she’ll get her due. On the evidence of “Wax”, it’s gonna be one to watch out for.

Pack a sweater and an overcoat, ‘cos things are gonna get COLD the instant you hit play:

• Chynna: http://chynnarogers.com

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