♫♪  Clara Bow - Hits with the Scurve

The deterrent of laundry detergent resides in the shelled reels of Hits with the Scurve. Dampered memories. Baked clay, tossed down with force, coating the ground with fragments. Former bricks now dust. Broken solid. Like if Action Figures lacked windows while boarded up and huffed instead of puffed. Spaced puddles of trapped sound acting as vignettes, eventually bleeding into newly formed loops and abstractions. Eyes get closed. Breaths become farther apart. Limp grows the body and welcoming of tampered locks becomes the mind.

Released digitally and cassette-ly, Clara Bow’s Hits with the Scurve is exactly what your supple, tepid brain needs. Go’on and dip your ladle below, and wash your innards with some flipped-out sonics:

• Kirkland Tapes: https://kirkland.bandcamp.com

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