♫♪  Clear Fluids - Music of the Spheres

An ode to Clear Fluids (with visual accompaniment):

I once drank Clear Fluids,
but now I also hear them.

I once swam freely in Clear Fluids,
but now they give me swimmer’s ear.

I once bathed in Clear Fluids,
but now they encase me in a hovering plasmic orb.

I once froze Clear Fluids,
but they melted pretty fast.

I once imagined Clear Fluids,
but now they manifest whenever they want,
even when I don’t want them to.

I once shot Clear Fluids into Outer Space,
but they became a new planet,
orbiting the sun, watching me constantly.

My heart once pumped blood,
but now it pumps Clear Fluids…

…and now my body doesn’t work anymore.

The mysterious Music of the Spheres is out now on Lighten Up Sounds.

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