♫♪  cmov - “chariot (raw)”

cmov is a “young astral temple” making “trans dyke dream songs.” Identity is the new locality, but cmov is from Providence and that also matters, an affect hiding somewhere in these cavernous half-grimy half-clean chambers. The reciprocal exchange between the universal-as-internet and the personal/local/identity construct is messy, but libidinal flows are still where you want to be.

How is it that clipped vocals are still so seductive?

“You wanna play? You wanna know?” someone keeps asking.

“chariot” is post-most-things, meshing with those culture ghosts infecting the social ether, flirting with that evasive queer ambiguous vibe, but it seems important how erotically present it is.

“chariot” is from cmov’s upcoming cassette, which is titled “beyond rejection.”

cmov’s “chariot” is accurately titled. it can be yr new jam.

• cmov: http://cmov.tumblr.com
• cmov: https://instagram.com/cmovvv

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