♫♪  Cokeahontas (Brooklyn White) - S. 1999

“The year is 2013, everyone is in line ripping bejeweled million dollar spoons. Salivating. Waiting. Expecting. I come in. I cackle. My hair in blowing in the wind even though we are inside. I stare at the que, lift my royal, purple custom designer dress. I drop my thong. I laugh again. I bend over, the crowd goes wild. They all begin to eat my ass.” - Cokeahontas (Brooklyn White)

Rolling with a heavy Mary J. Blige flow, Shreveport transport Cokeahontas – now Brooklyn White – is young, lit, and doesn’t fuck with you. An early tape from the pussy power rapper S. 1999 features the previously unreleased track “EA$T” alongside six tracks that I’m burning to a CD right now. This girl is fire. As of this post, her Brooklyn White Bandcamp has three other records and, by lurking her Instagram, Ms. White is prepping a label release in 2015. SO LOOK OUT.

• Brooklyn White: https://soundcloud.com/brooklynwhiteayyy
• Brooklyn White: http://brooklynrenewhite.tumblr.com/
• Cokeahontas: https://soundcloud.com/brooklynnewyorkcocainewhite

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