♫♪  Color Plus - Mångata Sequence

Color Plus continues to hone his club music skills with a new EP titled Mångata Sequence. Part of the NYC beat-maker collective Swim Team, Color Plus has released countless tracks and mixes through SoundCloud and Bandcamp for a minute, shaking bodies like a mad man. Much of this previous material has been removed from these sites, which either means he just hasn’t paid for the advanced subscription to the site, or he is making room for a new identity, as Color Plus gradually garners a deeper, clubbier, dancier feel to its aesthetic in a completely unresolved mood. A few months back, Color Plus released a collection of superb remixes, featured here in the Chocolate Grinder, featuring heavily dance-oriented source material — different from his previous inclination to sample more down-tempo rap vocals. Mångata Sequence follows this bass-heavy path by playing on dense house rhythms and Jersey-club motifs, while still maintaining an overall laid-back, atmospheric feel. The EP will be Color Plus’ first record to be officially released by a label, and is available now through UK imprint Terrorhythm.

• Color Plus: https://soundcloud.com/colorplus
• Terrorhythm: https://terrorhythm.bandcamp.com/music

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