♫♪  Color Plus - “Medical Motherf_cker”

Personally, I’m more of an introverted dancer. All I need is a little wiggle room. If it goes hard (on the mellow), like Color Plus’ “Medical Motherf_cker,” I’ll go gabber. More like slow-motion gabber, but gabber. Mostly keeping time with that phased, static beat into lasers jutting in all directions, empty drums that pump, and most importantly, the medicinal samples that encourage success.

As well, Color Plus (along with other Swim Team crew mates) has been going IN on sessions at The Lot Radio, and if you missed out last night NO WORRIES because it’s all right here! Also, even though Color Plus won’t be performing, he’ll probably be available for some dancing at the second Bootleg Tapes hosted Trans Pecos event tonight at 10: BOOTLEG BASS. So square up them dance moves, homie:

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