♫♪  Color Plus - “Mysa Parsec”

As comments suggest on Color Plus’ SoundCloud page, “i feel it” and “v nice!” are perfect descriptors of the NYC producer’s newest lick of sound, “Mysa Parsec.” It’s like melody-only Lorenzo Senni, mixed with Hanz’s echo chamber, and tinged with composure akin to the recent sounds of Spencer Clark. Thus, tracks like “Mysa Parsec” are character definers of Color Plus, keeping the same sampled and rhythmic dynamic he sports in Swim Team, yet establishing a ranged vocabulary in productionist breadth. A breadth that is equally audacious in recognizing long hours spent shaping sounds versus the happy accidents, compiling a collage that blends so naturally, it’s practically improv. Faux improv, without intent. First degree thought dynamics. Black belt in the abstract. Color Plus is starting 2016 on a high with “Mysa Parsec.” Just wait for the drop:

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