♫♪  Color Plus - Reworx

There’s an interesting dynamic between modern technology and at-home creativity. You can take now any genre of music, find its most esoteric song, along with a production/mixing program (both the song and software FOR FREE), and then fuck on some musical zones people have yet to even fathom. But Color Plus has took this bootleg idea to the next level in Reworx. Sure, production and mixing has been around for decades, but not technology and media has not been this readily available. Thus, what this relay Swim Team crew member has been jungling and post-clubbing and dropping out is nothing short of a completely new way people can dance.

Let’s be honest here: music was initially made for entertainment, then it spun into how people can dance to it. Color Plus is pretty much what your grandmother kept an ear out for on the radio back when dance styles were being made up DAILY. So then what’ll be your next move at the monthly Swim Team event run by Trans Pecos? I told my girl she gotta dance that butt all OVER me next time. I’ll just lay on down, Color Plus can flare off more edits and bootlegs and Reworx, and if he’s feeling it… lay down beside me? SCOPE:

• Color Plus: https://colorplus.bandcamp.com

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