♫♪  Color Plus - TOWMIX01

Staaaaaaacked playlist: RLX ASSASSYN, AceMo, kanyon, izy, Daemon, Kush Jones, DJ JOHN [WORLDWIDE], DJ NJ DRONE, Capo, VXO and Guerrer@, Color Plus sets up the first release on Towhead Recordings for a house fire. TOWMIX01 is a perfect full hour mixture of low-nodding tracks reminiscent of early MySpace club playlists that sometimes just appeared on Napster satirically blending mad-corny and 100-hard. Windbreaker tear-away pants in neon green — one size too large — Adidas cut found in Flushing for $100 less than the store price. A muscle t-shirt. White platform sneakers you found at a Modell’s outlet shoe store. Headphones; no headphones: a BluTooth speaker half the size of you, you put on wheels, and blast TOWMIX01 off all around town on the bus, subway, fuckin’ park, Good Fortune Mart, you name it. Get moving:

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