♫♪  Comanche - Silicon Basilica

Good news. The former net-only label Astro Nautico fulfilled its $7,000 Kickstarter goal with money to spare from the generous support of listeners like you. Thanks! So, moving forward, beginning with an EP from Chits, some of the more complete Astro Nautico releases will be given the vinyl treatment. Unfortunately, Silicon Basilica from Minneapolis-based Comanche might just miss that vinyl mark, seeing its release just before the Kickstarter campaign began. And it’s a damn shame. The attention to environment and pace on the album are unlike any previous Astro Nautico release. It’s like a statement for the entire label: unceasingly pushing boundaries and experimenting in new territory both backward and forward. Funny how these Astro Nautico-related write-ups always end up sounding like I could just as easily be writing the introduction for a new article in some science journal. Musicians or scientists? With the permeation of our hyper-paced technology filling in the gaps, I’m not sure it makes any difference anymore.

You’re welcome to stream Silicon Basilica below, but the label has been offering free downloads of everything they’ve released since the beginning, so feel free to just go take them up on that instead. And keep an ear out for Astro Nautico, because creative youngsters making electronic music is one thing, but include thousands of dollars in public-based funding, and its a whole different ball game.

• Comanche: http://soundcloud.com/youngcomanche
• Astro Nautico: http://astronautico.com

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