♫♪  Controlled Opposition - Fullspectrum Dominance

Soldiers at the border. Crows on the wire. Fullspectrum Dominance.

Detention centers. Death marches. Fullspectrum Dominance.

Our people are on the ground. Our men are in the area. Fullspectrum Dominance.

The war machinery grinds. Bullet casings, assembly lines. Fullspectrum Dominance.

How many can we detain at once? Can we break the record? Fullspectrum Dominance.

You have the authority to kill on sight if necessary. Fullspectrum Dominance.

Strapped to a chair. Torture device. Fullspectrum Dominance.

American damage. American dreams. Fullspectrum Dominance.

Waves of earth-shattering vibrations through your body until you can’t stand it and the paranoia becomes reality becomes life becomes waking nightmare, and still they pulse through you, always pulsing through you, always coming for you, sleep with both eyes open (or never) remain alert remain calm remain pacified by this unstoppable force

Fullspectrum Dominance.

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