♫♪  Corner Control - “Ampelfrau”

Fuck you, Iceland, with your humanoid pylons. I mean, not only was the idea conceived *slap bang* in the middle of an economic meltdown, but it’s just so aesthetically awful (I’ll let you judge the bigger sin).

To be clear, pylons are the contorted spires of our outstretched electronic churches [and then there was LIGHT]. They are far more than any mere human form could hope to encompass. When we aim at function, formal brevity, and material rigidity, we so often find beauty. Case in point: Corner Control’s live electronic structuralism is seen here in the form of “Ampelfrau.”

“Ampelfrau” is the lead tune from Corner Control’s new EP Peep Show, which will be released October 26 on Audacious Art Experiment with an accompanying selection of short films of the peak district. Yes, please, cover that shit in pylons.

• Corner Control: http://cornercontrol.bandcamp.com
• The Audacious Art Experiment: http://www.theaudaciousartexperiment.com

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