Hello, hell. Metallic warbles, gradually gaining graininess and steamed presence, filtered between sweeps of bent repeats, are added to the mix of punishing blasts and vehiment steps. A 404 has never been so tested. This is the next step. Formal style, stewed together with cashews and death-grumps. Tested or untested, it’s the logical next (back)step. Bigfoot lives. Phasers are set to stun. Old flips are out the window; happily. A rawness planted within an old adage begins to emerge, and the totality of concept among new-thinkers grows immensely. Haven’t you been waiting for a flip of mode? Guts well and are spent, so throw it up, and throw it away.

• Garbo Tapes: https://garbotapes.bandcamp.com

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