♫♪  Creme / Gee Weaver - Puree

A fuckin’ Daniel Johnston sample? And it doesn’t suck? WHAAAAAA?!?!?!?!? Gee, I just colossally cremed puree, then weaved myself directly into this tape.

From the label that’s hard not to love, Colossal Tapes brings you Puree, a split between fellow sound flippers Creme and Gee Weaver. Both bring their altered A-games, getting gooey with the samplage, melting whatever they can get their hands on into a fine paste. Similar to held up liquor stores by way of bananas and jack-rabbit quickness, these tracks run together like wheeled wagons coasting down hills, rusty spokes and all, keeping time with pebble flicks and far-off screams of summer glee. Or are they shouts of terror?

Out now, in a run of forty home-dubbed bad-boys. Get good and prepared for this one.

• Creme: https://soundcloud.com/cremekambell
• Gee Weaver: https://soundcloud.com/looterchris
• Colossal Tapes: http://colossaltapes.com/

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