♫♪  CRZKNY - “I Say Fuckoff You Say Goodbye”

From deep morning zones to afternoons in the park, waking up and it’s no picnic. Party infinity in any museum after-hours, ‘cause you know the guards. One of you is the guard. The bouncer. Who demands a break whenever CRZKNY’s newest single “I Say Fuckoff You Say Goodbye” hits. Hits three-shots of purified water, eats an apple in about five bites, brushes her ponytail back tighter than before, hikes up every article of clothes, as the pounding beat of “I Say Fuckoff You Say Goodbye” closes, measuring the steps like dinosaur steps to the front of a locked door where a line awaits her, freezing to enter. It’s Zona Music(a) night at this party. Club royalty, forever:

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