♫♪  CVLT45 - “dæmodem”

Put your fist in your brain for this one. All the way in.
Your brain is a computer, and it needs to be rewired.
Open up your head with a pair of pliers.
Trust me. Put your fist in your brain for this one. Take a drag.
Pull out the wires. They’re all over the place now. You made a mess.
Put your fist in for this. Put your fist up for this. Trust me.
You’re going to want to film this.

This is CVLT45, for god’s sake. Everything you look at, from tonight on, will be filtered through a thousand GIFs of World Star Hip-Hop fights and twerking instructional videos, mixed with 10,000% grimy, chopped-and-screwed ghetto-blaster synth-flavored malt liquor. After a night of pounding 40’s in the trap and recording your ramblings into melodyne, this is the music that you wake up the next morning thinking you should delete immediately.

CVLT45, part of Memphis’s Spoiler Alert collective — a group of artists who are actively deconstructing and satirizing the notion of trap and electronic beats, and champions of glitchy, VHS-quality nihilism — have released an EP of brand new material. Ever wish the music you listen to was a little less gosh-darn friendly? These aren’t your dads 808s.

єxιмιæ is out on the new net-label ЯΛRΞ ППUƉΞS. Get some.

• CVLT45: https://soundcloud.com/cvlt45
• ЯΛRΞ ППUƉΞS: http://rarennudes.bandcamp.com

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