♫♪  Dan Svizeny - “Sandra Court”

Vauled ceilings and guys eyes like man eggs. Gettin’ hardly any sunlight, vegetables are barely squeaking out green from the ground, but are mistaken as weeds, so they get whacked. The maintenance guy sees a peak from the blinds, and lobs a snowball at the window. Rob out on the patio since 7 AM smoking off half a pack; drinking equal parts beer and Gatorade. “Sandra Court” was being yelled about the warrior woman last night as she took it to the rim hard: 21! Passin’ round that roach behind trees two stories high. Bug out on the wire fries in the warm neon. Wash room buzzes a bunch, but mostly massaging the wall. “God bless!”

Dan was there too. “Dan?” Yo, Dan Svizeny. Yung Dan Svizeny, you know? Shit, he cataloged the entire spring. Heard it’s echoing back the end of February. February 28 to be exact. On a putty-colored hand-stamped tape. You can pre-order it here through Mirror Universe Tapes. The memories will come flooding in. Be there again! Listen to baller jam “Sandra Court” below:

• Dan Svizeny: https://soundcloud.com/cough-cool
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

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