♫♪  Dane Chadwick - Cool Intentions

Cool Intentions is Chicago footwork made by an L.A. pop punk. As the drummer for tropical-punk-turned-post-post-punk band Abe Vigoda, Dane Chadwick might be one of the last people you’d expect to be making juke tunes. But it also kinda makes sense. This style of electronic dance music is all about the rhythm, and Chadwick clearly has experience playing lightning-fast rim shots, super speedy tom rolls, and incessant kick drumming in crazy complicated polyrhythms.

Along with all these quintessential footwork elements, Chadwick adds a sunny layer of light-heartedness to these tracks. Bright airy synths, bubbly bass lines, and vocal samples that are a bit less abrasive than many proper footwork tracks makes for a slightly watered-down juke release that is pleasantly listenable but still might break your ankles if you try to dance to it.

Cool Intentions is released by New York City label Astro Nautico, which also released Chadwick’s solo premiere as a part their mind-blowing Atlantics Vol. 2 compilation last year.

• Dane Chadwick: https://soundcloud.com/dane-chadwick
• Astro Nautico: http://astronautico.com

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