♫♪  David Van Tieghem & Georgia - “Slippery Slope”

I wish I had the motivation and funding to gather some of the most interesting musicians of today, alongside various artists from music history, into a room with the end goal in mind of recording a collaborative album. I’m sure we’ve all had that conversation. Everyone’s a curator.

The new release in the FRKWYS series from RVNG Intl. is a collaboration between longtime NY experimental staple David Van Tieghem and a number of different artists from around the city, including Georgia, Megafortress, and Blanche Blanche Blanche, among others. According to the label, the album was made from a “bulletin board” littered with “broken toasters, firecrackers, 2x4s, thunder drums and customized electronics, each intended as a percussive device,” which Van Tieghem then played, recording the whole experiment in high definition.

“Whoa, cool!” I know, but I’m not done yet. Those recordings were then given back to the contributing artists to remix and reinterpret as they wished. And LASTLY, those interpretations were THEN given BACK to Van Tieghem for the final editing process. Sound volleyball.

The final product is FRKWYS Vol. 10: Fits & Starts, out November 12 on RVNG. Listen to the official audio of “Slippery Slope” below:

• David Van Tieghem: http://www.vantieghem.com
• RVNG: http://igetrvng.com

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