♫♪  De Leon - S/T

I’m in a movie. I’m De Niro in Heat. De Leon’s self-titled cassette on /\Aught is my soundtrack. I’m Leon in The Professional. My back’s to the wall. My forehead is beaded out, like a hippie’s walkway. I’ve blinked more in the past 30 seconds than I have all day. Gotta make a run for it. Maybe I’ll walk, depending on the situation. Am I clear? Prolly not. Play it, though.

Have these lights been on all night? Neon reflections of limited scope filling my un-lidded seers. Tunnelled out and gripping clutched insight. Garbled messy gumption. The pulse of it all grows and grows. You /\Aught to know.

• /\Aught: https://aught.bandcamp.com/

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