♫♪  Dean Blunt - “ROAD 2 REDEMPTION”

Don’t fucking talk about it. Don’t even look at it in the eyes. This ain’t on The Redeemer. This that “ROAD 2 REDEMPTION.” Take it in strides. Take in long/deep breathes. Have it out for everything you want to say. Have it around next Wednesday. Thanks to Hippos in Tanks. Thanks to wealthy metaphors. I want it all! I want it right now. Two times I repeat the first word of every sentence. Two times I gotta look at these words to be careful. You been careful? You ever feel anxious? Trust in your gut instinct. Trust that Dean Blunt will never stop making music you’ll love. Keep it around. Keep praying. It’s about the art. It’s collapsing in on me. Next time we’ll get it all. Next Wednesday Redeemer is coming out on Hippos in Tanks. So I’m buying all the copies. So you can only hear it digitally. Hi. Hi!!!

• Dean Blunt: http://www.youtube.com/user/pollyjacobsen
• Hippos in Tanks: http://hipposintanks.bigcartel.com

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