♫♪  Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - “Reticular Formation”

In a recent case study, nine out of ten claimed they prefer their roommate to look in the other direction at night and not at the back of their head. Student, inmate; dorm, cell; whoever, wherever did not affect the fact that statistics don’t lie awake waiting for the Sun to go down to watch you in a private moment dreaming of the benefits of folic acid; your mate will. Here we have blinds opening and closing, casting shadow lines across the unused piano, unused because it is not gray enough. The case study noted that it did nothing for the sense of security to be have the back of your head watched all night long while sleeping. Something was wrong. The piano was hardly touched anymore. The blinds were alive, vampiric; the piano was a corpse. The moonlight through the blinds made things in the room almost shiny. Almost shiny, but not quite.

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