♫♪  Diaphragmatic - Broken Man

There’s a noise yoga class here in Seattle at the Frye Museum that invites participants to experience all of the meditative qualities of your normal yoga class with added abrasion. The idea seems jarring but is the root of why harsh, tearing noise is so appealing. The layers of lust and self-promotion inherently marked in magnum-sized sharpie directly onto our egos; the friend who’s a dick, but always got your back. This abrasive detachment is the ethos of Broken Man from Dayton, Ohio’s Diaphragmatic. The moniker of noise source Nate Tandy (1/2 of Orgasmic Response Unit and Foxhole Atheism label head) is a direct reference to a meditative method of breathing that requires an expansion of the diaphragm. Look at this image. Watch this video. Listen to the “raw, unrelenting junk metal destruction” of Broken Man below.

• Diaphragmatic: diaphragmaticbreath@gmail.com
• MBD: https://mbdmusic.bandcamp.com

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