♫♪  dil withers - ”~”

”~” is the chaperone to your stoll. “~” is the watering can to your lush garden. “~” is the rubber mallet to your whack-a-mole execution. It’s the perfect complement to anything and everything. Stank face on fleek, no doubt. Contortionists are in need of a neck rub after this one. Seriously, dil, you’ve outdone yourself with this tusk tough beat. Those drums? DUH. And that violin sample? Tooooooooooo much. But that Ghost loop?! Heart emoji sandwiched between prayer hands and any other fucking thing you can think of. This beat is WAY poised to become infinite loop status for your eternal playlist. “~” needs to be repeated; it’s primed for numb thumb submissions. On and on, and on, and so on…

• dil withers: https://soundcloud.com/dilsound

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