♫♪  dil withers - “So.” / “não” / “-” / ”+”

For someone who releases tracks at a relatively reserved pace, these four new songs from Seattle based beat-builder dil withers come as quite the surprise. Uploaded periodically throughout the last three weeks, I get the feeling that these are all new creations, proving to us listeners that the muse has once again appeared before ol’ dil’s eyes. Then again, he could have been sitting on a few of these, obsessively tweaking and tinkering them until they were just right. Regardless, this is the stuff we beatheads dream of.

“So.”, the most recent of the four, mixes his signature crisp drums with inspired, soulful vocal loops, light horn stabs, and a few spoken word vinyl scratches. It’s 2:02 time frame feels too short, yet also eternal. Like, put-that-shit-on-repeat-and-float-off-this-disintegrating-planet kinda short/eternal.

“não”, the smoothest cut out of the batch, features a distinctly latin-tinged drum loop alongside some Fender Rhodes chords and note twinkles. And let me tell you, it’ll get your body swaying in that night midnight air. For real.

”-” is yet another example of dil’s impressive skill of flipping jazz guitar samples. Employing taste and judgement like Atticus Finch (or something like that), he always lets the loop do it’s thing, while still chopping it into a unique little ditty, separate from it’s original source. And “-” is no different. Plus, birds!!!

Finally, there’s “+”, with it’s subtle, quiet background treasures and light head-bobbing pace. Dig deep with this one, because the faintest flourishes get uncovered with repeat listens. Prolly why it’s got the most listens out of the four. That, or because it’s the oldest. Who cares…

Anyway, thanks for the recent flood of tunes, dil! We appreciate it. :)

• dil withers: http://dilwithers.tumblr.com
• dil withers: https://soundcloud.com/dilsound

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