♫♪  Diogenes - Death & Acid

Aces prepped. Wrangled molded matter. Laid back on some burnt orange mist. The suppression of excitement shrugged off as coolness? Nah. Everything is equal. You aren’t above anything. You’re as level as dirt. Just dealing with it better than most.

Phone on blast? Fucking kill it. Let Diogenes rip that shit in half with his supreme beats and gnarled collages. He’ll lay you up for a good while. Shut off the world. Get supine in a vacuum. Gurgle that daily tragedy with some gumption and go deep within Death & Acid.

• Diogenes: https://diogenesisdead.bandcamp.com
• Ewe of Now: http://ewe-of-now-recordings.tumblr.com

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