♫♪  Disemballerina - Undertaker

Somewhere in Portland, Ore., a Kinkos employee ends his workday in a disgruntled state. It happened again. Festering bird entrails all over the goddamned color copy machine. The smell of decay doesn’t wash away so easily, you know. Even in a city known for its anarchic arts scene, this is decidedly uncool. After all, no amount of anti-corporate activism, no matter how righteous, will ever rid the print shop worker’s hands of this avian death stench.

Violist/harpist/found-carcass-artist Myles Donovan is one of the founding members of “outsider classical” trio Disemballerina. Clearly willing to sacrifice the cleanliness and sanctity of his fellow working man for the sake of appeasing the black metal gods, Myles and guitarist-in-crime Ayla Holland are the sad persons responsible for the musical subgenre/aesthetic movement/bandcamp tag/YouTube channel qveerkvlt, to which Undertaker is the latest known entry. It’s gothic, brooding, and according to one writer, “Easily the most depressing record of 2014.” So enjoy!

Disemballerina will be performing at High Water Mark Lounge in Portland September 13, and Undertaker will be released on vinyl sometime soon via Graceless Recordings.

• Disemballerina: http://disemballerinapdx.bandcamp.com/
• Graceless Recordings: http://gracelessrecordings.blogspot.com/

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